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Introducing One Net Click2Dial

One Net Click2Dial is an application that runs on your PC. It lets you directly call phone numbers that appear on web pages, in blocks of text and applications. You can also call any number directly from One Net Click2Dial or from your call history.

Features and benefits of One Net Click2Dial

Making calls

You can make a call with one click in the following ways:

  • Select a phone number on a web page
  • Select a number from an application
  • Copy text containing a number to your clipboard
  • Enter a number directly into One Net Click2Dial
  • Select a number from your call history

Recognising numbers

One Net Click2Dial recognises phone numbers on web pages, in text on the clipboard and in applications. You can choose what One Net Click2Dial recognises as a phone number in Configuration. You can also choose where One Net Click2Dial looks for phone numbers in applications.


One Net Click2Dial works with Internet Explorer®, Firefox® and Chrome™. Make sure you've installed and enabled the plugin for your browser.


One Net Click2Dial works with a range of applications. You can teach One Net Click2Dial to recognise which fields in applications contain phone numbers, or to look for numbers everywhere.

Installing and starting One Net Click2Dial

Installing One Net Click2Dial

Download One Net Click2Dial here

Starting One Net Click2Dial

You can choose to start One Net Click2Dial when your computer starts, or you can select One Net Click2Dial from the start menu of your computer. One Net Click2Dial runs in your system tray. To open the One Net Click2Dial dialling menu, right-click Click2Dial system tray icon. The icon can be green, red or grey, depending on your status.

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