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Your voicemail passcode and aliases

Every One Net Business user is assigned a passcode to access their voicemail. You can change your passcode to a number of your choice.

Changing your passcode

You can choose a new passcode or the system can generate one for you automatically. Passcodes must be at least six digits long and cannot have an ascending or descending sequence of more than three digits. For example, 123456 is not valid, 123567 is valid.

To change your voicemail passcode

  1. Select Profil.
  2. Enter a number or select Generieren if you want the system to generate a passcode for you.
  3. If you entered a number, re-type it to confirm it is correct.


    If you selected a system-generated passcode, select Kennwort ein-/ausblenden to see the new passcode before saving.

  4. Select Speichern at the top or bottom of the page.

Logging in to voicemail without your passcode

You can choose to log in to your voicemail without using your passcode. If you select this option, it applies to any of your One Net Business devices and any other phones you've set up to use voicemail.

  1. Select Anrufdienste > Mailbox-Portal > Bearbeiten.
  2. Select .

Setting up other phones to access your voicemail

If you want to access your voicemail from other phone numbers, you can set them as aliases in One Net Manager. Normally, if you try to access your voicemail with any device that doesn't use your main phone number, your voice portal prompts you to enter your phone number and your passcode. If you call your voicemail from a phone number set as an alias, you only have to enter your passcode.

An alias can contain digits and the - character, and can start with a +. There can only be one 0 at the beginning.

The examples below show acceptable alias formats:

  • +49 2115551111
  • 02115551111
  • 0211-555-1111

To add an alias

  1. Select Anrufdienste > Aliasnummern > Bearbeiten.
  2. Select Hinzufügen and enter the required phone number for each additional phone you want to use to access voicemail.

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