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Personalising desk phones for users

About personalising desk phones

Administrators can personalise desk phones by setting up programmable keys to:

  • Share other users' phone lines

    Read about sharing lines

  • Monitor other users' phone lines

    Users can also select the lines they want to monitor by creating a list in One Net Manager.

    Read about monitoring lines

  • Store phone numbers for speedy dialling

    These numbers are in addition to the phone numbers users can store in their speed dial list.

    Read about speed dial numbers

  • Perform common actions, such as redialling

Available keys and options depend on the make and model of the phone.

Read about the desk phones supported in One Net Business

Personalising a desk phone


Information for administrators

  1. Select the user from Benutzer.
  2. Select the Geräte-Manager tab.
  3. To change the template, select a template from the Vorlage list and select Vorlage anwenden.
  4. To assign functions to keys, move the pointer over the keys in the picture of the phone.

    The keys you can program have a blue dot on them. Each time the pointer passes over a programmable key, you see how the key is currently set up.

  5. Select a key you want to set up and select an option from Typ.
  6. Enter any other requested selections or information and select Anwenden.
  7. When you have added settings for as many keys as you wish, select Alles speichern.

    If the restart doesn't happen automatically, unplug and reconnect the phone.

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