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The One Net Business applications

One Net Business includes applications that allow you to use and manage your communications services. Most of these applications are aimed at end users who need to make and receive calls and who want to control their personal call settings. However, one of the applications, One Net Manager, also provides features that support people designated as One Net Business administrators.

Because the applications share settings through the One Net Business cloud, any change you make to a setting in one application, for example your password, also affects the other applications.

The applications available with One Net Business are:
The One Net app
One Net Manager
One Net Receptionist

One Net app

The One Net app is an application you can install on a cellphone, tablet or computer. It lets you to make or receive voice or video calls, chat (exchange instant messages), hold conferences and share screens or files. You can see details of all your contacts easily and you can monitor whether your friends are available.

When using the One Net app, you can quickly switch how you communicate, for example, converting one-to-one chats into voice calls or conference calls, adding or removing people as you wish. To help you make calls, you can see the details of people listed in your organisation's phone book, your One Net contact list and any contacts stored locally on your device. If you use the One Net app on a Windows® PC, you can directly view details for your Outlook® contacts. On a cellphone, the One Net app integrates the phone’s contact records into its own lists.

The One Net app is available for a range of devices:

  • Windows or Mac® personal computers
  • Android™ and iPad® tablets
  • Android cellphones and iPhone® models

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One Net Manager


One Net Manager settings

Please note that One Net Manager settings aren't currently available. Company administrators may email requests for changes to settings to Vodacom One Net Support on

Alternatively, if you have a service request number, contact 082 1951 and quote that as your reference number.

One Net Manager is an application you open in a web browser. What you can see and do with One Net Manager depends on whether you’re an end user or whether you have been designated as a One Net Business administrator.

For end users

If you’re an end user, One Net Manager lets you control how the One Net Business call services behave on your desk phone and in your One Net Business applications. You activate or deactivate call services, such as forwarding calls to another number or rejecting calls from anonymous callers, and you can manually change the settings for these services whenever your wish. However, for some services you can also set up rules that automatically change settings at specific times or in response to particular callers.

One Net Manager displays information such the organisation's phone book and your call history. You can also see your speed dial codes and the feature access codes, which you can dial to check or change your settings for One Net Business services.

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For One Net administrators

As an administrator, you can use One Net Manager to set up, customise and monitor the services used by your organisation or by a group within it. You can also add or delete users and make changes to their personal service settings.

One Net Manager provides two different administration views. The site administrator view focuses primarily on setting up and managing services and users; if you have the enterprise administrator view you can also create reports and monitor the use of One Net Business licences across your organisation.

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One Net Receptionist

This application supports anyone who acts as an organisation’s receptionist, responsible for managing and routing incoming calls. One Net Receptionist shows you incoming calls, queued calls and lists of contacts. With this information, you can transfer calls to the appropriate people or conference calls. If no suitable person is free to take a call immediately, you can place it in a queue. You can also add callers to any conference calls that have been set up.

One Net Receptionist shares features, such as chat, with the other One Net Business applications. It shows you whether the people in your One Net contact list are available to chat or receive calls, and you can monitor the call status of other One Net Business users.

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