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One Net Manager settings

Please note that One Net Manager settings aren't currently available. Company administrators may email requests for changes to settings to Vodacom One Net Support on

Alternatively, if you have a service request number, contact 082 1951 and quote that as your reference number.

Using voicemail

Your One Net Business voicemail records messages from callers if you're unavailable or already on a call. With voicemail, you can:

  • Play personalised greetings to callers when you're busy or unavailable
  • Receive voicemail messages on your phone or as emails with audio attachments
  • Receive an email notification whenever a voicemail message is recorded for you
  • Let callers transfer to another number and/or leave a message
  • Access your voicemail from all your One Net Business devices and from other phones, such as your home phone
  • Send your voicemail messages to other people using distribution lists

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Your voicemail options

You can activate or deactivate your voicemail service, and set up options such as when calls are sent to voicemail, how to access your messages and whether to receive an email notification when you have a message. If you want to give callers the option of transferring to another number as well as, or instead of, leaving a message, you can provide the number to transfer to.

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Personal greetings

You can record personal greetings for when you're busy and unavailable that play when a caller is diverted to your voicemail.

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Setting up distribution lists for your voicemail messages

You can forward a voicemail message to a number of other people in your organisation using distribution lists. This can be used, for example, if messages are received by a hunt group voicemail service and then distributed to the members of the hunt group for handling. You can create up to 15 distribution lists.

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