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Managing calls

About managing calls

The One Net app offers a number of different ways to manage your calls, including call forwarding, call transfer and parking calls.

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Mid-call control

When you're on a call using the One Net app, you can hold a call, transfer it to another user or turn it into a conference call using the mid-call control options displayed on the screen.

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Transferring calls

You can transfer a call to another person.

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Holding calls

You can put a call on hold and retrieve it when you are ready to resume the call.

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Parking calls

You can temporarily park a call and retrieve it from the same phone or another location when you are ready to continue.

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Pulling calls

You can start a call on one device and then move it to another device such as your mobile to finish the call.

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Forwarding calls

You can forward calls to colleagues if you are busy or unable to take calls.

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Blocking all incoming calls

You can block all incoming calls by enabling the do not disturb service.

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Rejecting anonymous calls

You can choose to reject calls from callers who deliberately hide their phone numbers. The service does not reject any anonymous caller who is a member of your group or enterprise.

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Personal assistant

With personal assistant, you can set up greeting messages for different occasions when you're busy or unavailable.

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Communication history

Your communication history gives details of all the calls and chats that you have made, received and missed.

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