One Net Business administration

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Overview of the setup process

The following steps describe our overall process for setting up One Net Business after we have received your order.

Step 1: Welcome call

When Vodafone receives your organisation's signed purchase order, a representative from our One Net Business team will call you. They'll discuss your order to confirm that you have fully identified the services you need and to check that you understand the packages that apply. Our representative will also send you a link to a Remote Quality Check, which we'll ask you to run. This check will give us an initial indication of whether your current network setup is compatible with One Net Business.


Running the Remote Quality Check requires a Microsoft® Windows® operating system.

Watch the Remote Quality Check video

Step 2: Technical call

During this call, we'll collect all the technical data we need for the technical implementation of One Net Business. We'll also send a configuration form for you to complete to tell us which users we need to set up, their phone extensions and their mobile numbers. You should also use the form to identify who you are designating as your One Net Business 'enterprise' administrator. If your organisation is spread across several locations, you should also identify your 'site' administrators.

If there is a need for an additional site survey at your premises (an On-site Quality Check), for example if the results of the Remote Quality Check are not satisfactory, we will organise a suitable date during the call.

The Remote Quality Check or the On-site Quality Check might show that the organisation needs to upgrade its data lines to provide suitable capacity for One Net Business. If Vodafone is not responsible for these lines, you will need to contact your supplier at this point to organise the upgrade.

Step 3: Status call

When suitable data lines are available, we'll contact you again to confirm that we are proceeding to configure your One Net Business service on our technical platform. We'll also confirm the delivery date for the IP phones and any other devices you have ordered.

Step 4: Invitation to One Net Manager

When we have prepared your service, we'll send an email to your administrators to inform them how to activate their accounts for One Net Manager. When an administrator carries out the activation, they receive an email containing login details that are valid for One Net Manager and the other One Net Business applications.

The administrators should explain to users that they will receive invitations to register for One Net Manager, and they should also give users an introduction to One Net Business.

Step 5: Delivery of devices

If you have arranged for Vodafone to install One Net Business at your premises, our engineers will set up the new phones and configure your services. Otherwise, when your phones are delivered, your administrators should help your users to set them up.

Step 6: Configuration phase

The new phones arrive configured with new numbers so that your organisation can try out One Net Business while continuing to use its existing phone system in parallel. For the next few weeks, you should customise One Net Business to suit your organisation's needs, and you should use and test the services and applications. We'll email you with suggestions for testing your system.

Your administrators should use One Net Manager to set up your organisation's shared services and to help users with their personal One Net Business settings. On this Information Site, users can find information about logging in to One Net Manager and about installing or starting the other One Net Business applications.

Step 7: Satisfaction call

At the end of the test period, we'll call you to check that your experience of using One Net Business has gone well. If you are satisfied, we'll proceed to transfer your old phone numbers over to One Net Business. During the transfer, our engineers will make test calls to ensure a successful transition between systems.

Step 8: Post-satisfaction call

Some days later, we'll call again to check that you are happy that the phone numbers are working as you expected.

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