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Setting up the collaborate bridge for My Room

What is My Room?

My Room is a personal dedicated place where you can bring people together to communicate and collaborate. In My Room, you can chat or hold an audio conference with the other people in the room.

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My Room requires a collaborate bridge to work, which is available by default in your One Net Business. All the users that have the One Net Business UC package are automatically assigned to the default collaborate bridge.

Assigning a phone number to the collaborate bridge

If you want to use My Room for audio calls, assign a phone number to the collaborate bridge.

The phone number comes from a pool of numbers assigned to your One Net Business group. The guests need to dial this number to join a conference.

Setting up the collaborate bridge

You can configure the default collaborate bridge. For example, you can set the maximum number of participants that are allowed to use the bridge and to join a My Room conference.


Currently, you can't delete individual collaborate bridge owners.

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