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Changing call settings

You can configure various call-related features, for example, forwarding calls, automatic callback or call waiting.

Call waiting

If you receive a call when you're already on a call, you will hear a tone to indicate that there is another call waiting. The new caller hears the normal ringing tone until the call is answered.

You can put your ongoing call on hold and switch between the two calls.

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Forwarding calls

You can forward calls to your colleagues if you are busy or unable to take calls.

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Blocking incoming calls

You can block all incoming calls by enabling the do not disturb service.

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Rejecting anonymous calls

You can choose to reject calls from callers who deliberately hide their phone numbers. The service does not reject any anonymous caller who is a member of your group or enterprise.

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Automatic callback


This feature is available only on Mac® and PC.

If a One Net Business user you're calling is busy, you can request an automatic callback when the user becomes free. The user is notified with a special ringtone.

You can activate automatic callback in the One Net app. You can also use feature access codes to manage some of the automatic callback settings.

You can use feature access codes to manage automatic callback.

Learn how to use feature access codes to manage automatic callback

To activate automatic callback

  • In the Outgoing Calls section, select Automatic Callback.

Highlight to call


This feature is available only on Mac® and PC.

With highlight to call, you can directly call phone numbers that appear on web pages, in blocks of text and applications.

To activate highlight to call

  1. In the Outgoing Calls section, select Highlight to Call.

To call a phone number from text

  1. Select the phone number you want to call.
  2. Select the combination you've set as your shortcut.

Setting default call mode

You can set the default call mode for your phone calls: mobile network or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Hiding your number

You can hide your number when you call or chat with someone outside your organisation.

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