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Updating the One Net app

The One Net app is being replaced by the Webex app. We contact our customers directly when they can start using the Webex app.

Learn more about how to get started with the Webex app >

Advantages of replacing One Net app with the Webex app:

  • The Webex app gives access to a number of One Net Business features in a one modern user interface.

  • Full screen, gallery view, whiteboard, and music mode.

  • Reduction of background noise.

  • The Webex app enables to seamlessly integrate over 100 industry-leading apps.

  • The Webex app can be downloaded and updated directly from the manufacturer.

  • My Room is replaced by the Webex Meetings, which supports HD video quality and virtual backgrounds.

Make sure you have your network and devices configured to work with the Webex app.

Logging in to the Webex app

You don't need to create a Webex account to log in to the Webex app. You can log in using your existing One Net account.

If you registered your One Net account with your email address, log in to the Webex app with the same username and password you use to log in to your One Net app.

If you didn't register your One Net account with your email address, or if you already have a Webex account, log in to the Webex app with your One Net user ID and password. You can find your One Net user ID in your personal profile, in One Net Manager.

Webex requires an exclusive email address for login. If you are not sure how to log in, you can find the information in your personal profile, in One Net Manager, additional information, under your email address.

Read about how the Webex app works in the Help Center >

Webex new users

If you're a new One Net Business user and want to use the Webex app, your admin needs to add you to the site and assign you the One Net app for Desktop additional service.

Read about managing users >

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