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Checking who is available

You can see who is logged in and available for chats and calls by the status colours:

When you see

the person...

is available to chat or call

is busy, or

is in a meeting, or

is on a call

is away from their desk

has chosen not to share their availability with you, or

is a member of a hunt group, or

is not a One Net Business user, or

is not logged in, or

has changed their availability to offline

PC and Mac

Showing friends who are logged in

You can filter your One Net contact list to show only the people who are logged in.

Checking the availability status of the contacts not on your friends list

You can check the availability status of your contacts that are not on your friends list. For example, if you want to call your contact but you're not sharing your availability status with them, you can still check if they're available for a call.

To see the availability status of a contact not on your friends list

  1. Select .
  2. Search for the person you want to contact.

    The availability status of the contact is displayed under the person’s initials or profile picture.

    Image showing contacts search feature


Availability status is not updated automatically

The availability status of the contacts that aren't on your friends list is not automatically updated. To always see someone's availability status, add them to your friends list.

Read about sharing availability status >

Android and iOS

On Android and iOS, you can check the availability status of everyone in your organization:

  • By starting a chat with them
  • By selecting them as your favourites
  • By adding them to a group

Read about chatting >

Read about selecting your favourites >

Read about grouping people >

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