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Vodafone One Net Business

What is the One Net app?

The One Net app is available for PC, Mac®, mobile and tablet. This app makes it easy for you to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues.

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Explore the One Net app

Calls and chat

With the One Net app you can keep in touch using any of your devices. You can make and receive voice and video calls, chat with colleagues, move calls between your devices, or transfer calls to someone else.

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Read more about chat in the One Net app

Finding contacts

Seamless integration across all your devices gives you access to your organisation's phone book, all your One Net contacts, favourites and conference numbers whenever you need them.

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The One Net app allows you to collaborate using group calls and chats, video calls and conference calls. You can also share your screen or an application and transfer files to colleagues during calls and chats.

How to...

Find out how to do some of the most common tasks:

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