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Vodacom One Net Business

What is One Net Manager?

One Net Manager is a self-care web portal that lets you set up and manage your One Net Business service when you're a regular user.

One Net Manager also lets you manage your organisation's One Net Business service when you're an enterprise or site administrator.


One Net Manager settings

Please note that One Net Manager settings aren't currently available. Company administrators may email requests for changes to settings to Vodacom One Net Support on

Alternatively, if you have a service request number, contact 082 1951 and quote that as your reference number.

Explore One Net Manager

Setting up call services

As a user, you're in control of your One Net Business service. With One Net Manager you can:

  • Activate and configure your call services, for example setting up rules for forwarding calls and recording voicemail greetings
  • Set up speed dial numbers
  • Find phone numbers and feature access codes

Read more about managing your calls

Smooth integration

One Net Manager integrates with your One Net Business devices, and the other One Net Business applications, such as One Net Receptionist. For example, if you activate rejecting anonymous calls in One Net Manager, you won't receive anonymous calls in any One Net application or on any of your devices.

Managing users and services

As an administrator, you're in control of making changes to your organisation's One Net Business service. With One Net Manager, you can make changes as and when they're required, from adding a new user to personalising their desk phone.

As an administrator, you're responsible for managing users and services.

Managing users includes:

  • Adding and deleting users as people join and leave the organisation
  • Setting up services for users, such as shared lines
  • Personalising users' desk phones
  • Helping users with their call services and settings

Managing services includes:

  • Creating groups for users, such as pickup and park call groups
  • Setting up services such as on-hold music and auto-attendants
  • Creating time and holiday schedules, such as business hours and shift patterns, for user and site services that depend on days and times

Read more about what administrators can do in One Net Manager

Let's talk about One Net Business

Give us a call and find out what we can do to help your business reach its full potential.

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