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Vodacom One Net Business

What is One Net Receptionist?

One Net Receptionist is a One Net Business application that runs in your web browser. It lets you direct incoming calls to the right destinations in your organisation as efficiently as possible.

There are two available editions of One Net Receptionist so you can choose the best one for your company.

One Net Receptionist (office)

This One Net Receptionist edition is ideal for a small office environment with a limited number of employees. It supports the standard set of call control features and the monitoring of up to eight lines in the directory.

One Net Receptionist (enterprise)

This One Net Receptionist edition is a full-featured client, designed to support the needs of front-office personnel in any environment. It supports the full set of call control options, large-scale line monitoring, multiple directory options, Microsoft® Outlook® integration and other functionalities required in large organizations.

Explore One Net Receptionist

Answering calls

You can answer calls automatically or with a single click or tap in your call console or in the notification window that pops up when you receive a call. You can answer calls on behalf of your colleagues if they are busy.

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Transferring calls

You can transfer calls to your colleagues or to different destinations, such as an auto-attendant. If the person you want to transfer the call to is already on a call, you can place the new call against their phone so they can answer it when they're free.

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Finding contacts

As a receptionist, you need to find contacts easily so you can transfer calls to the right destination as quickly as possible. One Net Receptionist provides several ways to view, organise and search your contacts.

You can set up your most frequently-used contacts so you can see their call status and check whether they're available to take a call. If One Net Receptionist is integrated with Microsoft® Outlook®, you can see a contact's calendar information when you view their details.

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Let's talk about One Net Business

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