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Accessing and installing One Net E-fax

The One Net E-fax service consists of the One Net E-fax web application and the One Net E-fax print driver.

You access One Net E-fax through your browser and you don't need to install anything to use it.

If you want to send faxes directly from applications such as Microsoft® Word® or Adobe® Acrobat®, you need to download and install the One Net E-fax print driver.

Check that your operating system and browser are compatible with One Net E-fax

Accessing One Net E-fax

You access One Net E-fax by logging in to One Net Manager with your One Net Business username and password and selecting One Net E-fax from the Launch... list.

  1. Select Anrufdienste > Mailbox.
  2. From Faxnachrichten, select E-fax-Portal.

Open One Net Manager (Link only works on PC or Mac®)

Installing the One Net E-fax print driver

Once you're logged in to One Net E-fax, select Print drivers. Then select a print driver and run the installation wizard.

Read about the system requirements for the One Net E-fax print driver

You can use the One Net E-fax print driver by selecting the print function in applications such as Microsoft Word.

Getting started

You don't have to do anything else before you start using One Net E-fax, but you might want to learn a bit more about the application.

Learn about One Net E-fax

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