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Vodafone One Net Business

What is One Net E-fax?

One Net E-fax is a web application that lets you send and receive faxes without using a fax machine.

With the One Net E-fax print driver, you can also send documents to fax numbers from applications like Microsoft® Word® and Excel®.

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Explore One Net E-fax

Sending and receiving faxes

You can send one or more files as a single fax or PDF. You can include a branded cover page, a custom fax header and your signature. You can also send faxes to multiple email recipients and fax numbers at the same time or schedule sending a fax for a future date.

When you receive a fax, One Net E-fax sends you an email with the fax attached as a PDF file.

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Setting up your cover page, fax header and signature

You can set up your own cover page and include it as the first page of the fax you send.

You can also add your signature and edit the fax header appearing at the top of every fax page.

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Managing your faxes

You can view all the faxes you’ve sent, received or scheduled. You can search all your faxes by date and other filters, such as subject and sender. You can also download the content of a fax as a PDF file and re-send a fax that failed to send before.

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Sending faxes from other applications

When you've installed the One Net E-fax print driver, you can send faxes from applications such as Microsoft Word, by using the print function in the application.

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