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First steps with One Net Business for users

What have you got?

Your administrator has given you a One Net Business phone number, One Net Business login credentials and has set you up on one of the One Net Business packages. You also have at least one of the following devices to use with your new service:

  • A One Net Business mobile phone
  • A One Net Business SIM
  • A desk phone
  • A PC or Mac®
  • A headset

First steps with your new desk phone

If your administrator has already installed and set up your desk phone, it is ready to use. You don't need to set anything up.

If you need to install and set up your desk phone, the following articles will help you:

Learn how to install your desk phone >

Find out how to set up your desk phone >

First steps with your PC or Mac


Webex app replaces the One Net app

One Net Business users can use Webex app instead of One Net app.

Learn more about how to get started with Webex app >

Webex app is not supported on Linux®.

To use some One Net Business applications, you must install them on your computer or other device. For each of these installable applications, download and run an installation package on your device.

Other One Net Business applications are web applications. If you have login credentials, you can open any of these applications by entering an address in a suitable web browser.

Before you download or open an application, make sure your device meets the hardware and software requirements.

System requirements for One Net Business applications >

You may also want to install Go Integrator and the One Net E-fax print driver.

Install the One Net E-fax print driver >

Getting started with One Net Manager

When you have logged in to One Net Manager you can set up your voicemail and record your personal greetings.

If you are on the One Net Business UC package you can also set up One Net Anywhere.

Find out how to access One Net Manager >

Find out about setting up your voicemail and recording greetings >

Learn how to set up One Net Anywhere >

First steps with your mobile

You need to set up a few things on you mobile phone before you can use all of the features of One Net Business.

Find out how to set up your mobile phone >

How to...

Find out how to do some of the most common tasks:

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Your One Net Business administrator

Talk to the One Net Business administrator in your company. They understand your system best.


See this section to find answers to your questions and solutions to any issues.


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