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Accessing voicemail

You can listen to your voicemail messages using your phone or the One Net app. You can also receive your messages as email attachments.

Accessing your voicemail from a phone

You can access your voicemail messages from any phone by calling the voicemail portal.

Read about the voicemail portal

Accessing your voicemail with the One Net app

When someone leaves you a voicemail message, a notification appears in your One Net app. You can listen to your messages by opening a notification or view a log of received messages in the voicemail tab.

Read about accessing your voicemail with the One Net app

Receiving voicemail messages as email attachments

If you have selected this option in One Net Manager, you can receive your voicemail messages as email attachments.

Read about managing your voicemail using One Net Manager

When someone leaves you a voicemail message, you receive an email with a copy of the recording in a WAV file. You can download the file and listen to it on any device.

Accessing your old voicemail


We recommend using the One Net Business voicemail only.

If you've had a regular Vodafone contract for your mobile, you can still access your old mobile voicemail after One Net Business is activated. You also keep your old voicemail messages.

To check your old messages and/or configure the mailbox

  • Dial <Vodafone mobile code> 55 <mobile number>, for example +49 172 55 1234567.

To leave a message

  • Dial <Vodafone mobile code> 50 <mobile number>, for example +49 172 50 1234567.

    All calls forwarded to this number will be answered by the mailbox. The callers will be able to leave messages on the old voicemail.

Accessing someone else's voicemail

You can barge in on someone else's voicemail, for example, when they are on leave and you need to handle their voicemail messages. To access your colleague's voicemail, you need their extension and voicemail PIN.


Disable automatic login

To access someone else's voicemail, you need to disable the option first.

Read about logging in to voicemail

To access someone else's voicemail

  1. Dial the *86 feature access code.

    Read more about feature access codes

  2. Dial *.
  3. Dial <location dialling code of the user's site> <the user's extension>#, for example, 567 1234#.

    Read more about location dialling codes

  4. Dial <the user's voicemail PIN> #.

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