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Working as a receptionist

Who is a receptionist?

A receptionist is someone who answers calls and transfers them to other people as needed. Receptionists can also be assigned to a call centre as agents or supervisors, so that they can monitor call centre queues and manage call centre calls from One Net Receptionist.

Managing queues

You can choose to monitor specific call centre queues. A queue might be a department, for example, technical support or sales. A queue could also be a specific company, if your call centre handles calls for multiple companies.

When managing queues as a receptionist, you can answer a call, transfer a call, change the position of a call and group or sort calls.

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Managing calls

With One Net Business you can make and answer regular and conference calls in a number of ways, using different applications. You can also make announced and unannounced transfers or transfer a call to a queue.

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Managing and monitoring contacts

You can view, search and organise your contacts. With One Net Receptionist, you can monitor the call status of selected contacts, so that you can see whether they are available for calls.

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If your organisation has chat configured, you can exchange instant messages with any of your One Net Business contacts and friends who also have chat enabled.

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