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Setting up desk phones for your organisation


Information for administrators

Creating login details for desk phones

To make calls and access the features of One Net Business on desk phones, users must first log in using special login details that are separate from the login details for the One Net Business applications.

We can create batches of login details for you, just speak to your One Net Business representative. Enterprise and site administrators can also create login details for individual desk phones in One Net Manager.

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Logging in to users' desk phones

Users can log in to their own desk phones, or your organisation can nominate one person, for example your enterprise or site administrator, to log in to each phone as the phone's user. Desk phones remember login details when they are unplugged, so your administrator can log in to all the phones and then distribute them.

When a desk phone is logged in, it downloads a configuration file which includes functions of programmable keys and access to your company's main phone book.

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Personalising desk phones

Once a desk phone is installed and logged in, enterprise and site administrators can personalise it in One Net Manager. Personalising includes choosing functions for programmable keys and setting speed dial numbers.

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