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snom® M65 DECT phone

What is the snom M65 DECT phone?

The snom M65 is a DECT phone that makes calls with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

snom M65 DECT phone

How do I use a snom DECT phone?

You use a snom DECT phone exactly as you would use any other cordless phone.

Read more about how to use your DECT device >

For instructions on how to perform specific tasks with your DECT phone, see the manufacturer's instructions. There's a link in the Resources box at the top of this article.

Your DECT phone interacts with One Net Business

There are several features of your DECT phone that interact directly with One Net Business.

  • You can use Feature Access Codes (FACs) to do tasks including pulling a call onto your DECT phone, parking a call or switching call forwarding on and off.
  • Some buttons of your DECT phone interact with specific One Net Business services.
  • Your DECT phone has direct access to your One Net Business call history and your company's main phone book, so you always see the latest information.

Who is the snom M65 for?

The snom M65 is an entry-level phone suitable for mobile use in large buildings or across several floors. For example, this DECT phone is ideal for use as an unattended phone in a warehouse.

For phones more suited to demanding, sterile or outdoor environments, see the snom M70, snom M80 or snom M90.

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Read about the snom M90 >

Key features of the snom M65

The snom M65 is a versatile, cordless DECT phone designed for fast-paced professional telephony. The range of the snom M65 phone covers several floors or large spaces while maintaining long battery life.

Key features

  • Up to 50-metre range indoors
  • Support for two simultaneous calls
  • Wideband audio
  • 8-line backlit colour LCD display, 176 x 220 px
  • Keypad and context-sensitive function keys
  • Alarm key on top of the handset
  • Speakerphone
  • Support for 3.5 mm jack headsets
  • 250 hours battery time in stand-by mode
  • Hearing aid compatible (HAC)
  • Multi-language support
  • Three-way conferencing support

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