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Using your own analogue phone adapter

Vodafone offers you ObihaiOBi302 along with full support services, but you can also decide to use your own analogue phone adapter for business purposes. Using your own adapter for business purposes is sometimes called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

If you already have your own device, you can use Obihai OBi302 with One Net Business.

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Can I use my own analogue phone adapter with One Net Business?

You can use your own device with One Net Business if your organisation supports BYOD.


Support limitations

For SIP credentials and the registrar details, contact the One Net Business team.

For any additional support, contact the vendor or manufacturer of your device. Vodafone offers no support for activation and configuration of 3rd party devices.

You can connect your existing device to One Net Business if it is the model mentioned above.

If your analogue phone adapter has been used with another service and the automatic redirection feature is active, you must ensure that the MAC address of the device is removed from the vendor redirection server. Otherwise, your device will be redirected to the wrong service.

To start using your own device with One Net Business, enter the URL address of the One Net Business configuration server.

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