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One Net Business Help & Support

Device help

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Installing and logging in to snom® desk phones

Installing a snom desk phone

To install your desk phone, you need:

  • A network cable
  • A broadband internet connection and the power adapter
  • The snom Quick Start Guide supplied with your desk phone.

To install your desk phone

  1. Assemble the phone as shown in the snom Quick Start Guide.
  2. Power up the phone and connect its internet port to your broadband internet connection.

    You do not need to connect the phone's power cable if your network supports Power over Ethernet (PoE).

    The screen shows a series of messages as the phone goes through its start-up actions. Do not press any keys during this process.

Logging in to a snom desk phone

To log in to your snom desk phone, you must know your desk phone login details. These are not the same as your One Net Business login details. If you don't have your desk phone login details, ask your administrator.

Read about how administrators create login details for desk phones

To log in to your desk phone

  1. When you see the message http user, enter your desk phone username and press confirm button.
  2. When you see the message http password, enter your desk phone password and press confirm button.
  3. Select your preferred language and press confirm button.

If you successfully logged in to the phone, the name of the registered user appears on the screen. A screen message will tell you if you were unsuccessful.

Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for advice on changing the phone's time and other settings.

Personalising your desk phone

After you install and log in to your desk phone, an administrator can personalise your desk phone in One Net Manager. You need to reboot your phone after the administrator changes the settings.

Read about personalising your desk phone

Creating your personal greeting messages

After you log in to your desk phone, you can record or upload greeting messages that a caller hears if you are busy or unavailable.

Read about creating personal greeting messages

Reassigning a snom desk phone to another user

If you want to reassign a snom desk phone to another user, you need to reset the desk phone.

To reset a snom desk phone

  1. Hold # while the phone is powering up.
  2. In the Rescue Mode, press 1 to reset the settings.

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