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Setting up a call centre


Information for administrators

What is a call centre?

In One Net Business, a call centre is a queue that administrators create in One Net Manager. Your organisation might, for example, have a queue for sales calls and a queue for technical support calls. A call centre has one or more phone numbers that customers can call. When customers call one of these numbers, their call is placed in the queue. Calls are presented to agents in the order in which they arrived.

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Create a new call centre in One Net Manager

To create a new call centre you add a new user in One Net Manager.

Choose and set up a call distribution policy

Call distribution policies determine how incoming calls are presented to agents.

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Select agents and supervisors to staff the call centre

Select agents to answer calls from the call centre

You select agents for your call centre from the Agents box.

Select supervisors to supervise the call centre

You select supervisors for your call centre from the Supervisors box.


If you decide to promote an agent to supervisor, make sure you remove them from the Assigned list before you add them to the Assigned Supervisors list.

Set up announcements and music

Announcements include comfort messages. Comfort messages are announcements that customers hear while their call is queued. Messages might include the position in the queue and approximate waiting time.

You set up announcements and music on the Announcements tab of the Profile tab. Return to the top of the page to see this.

You can choose to upload your own custom announcements.

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Choose call routing policies

For administrators only

You set up call routing policies on the Call Centre routing policies tab.

Choose what you want to happen to bounced, stranded and overflow calls. You can also choose whether to bypass the comfort message for calls waiting less than your specified time interval.

The call routing policies you see in One Net Manager depend on the edition you have.

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