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Setting up call flow


Information for administrators

What is call flow?

Call flow is how calls from your customers reach your people. The very simplest flow is just a phone call - the customer calls and you answer. If your organisation is just you, this is all you need, but if you have more customers and more people you might want a more sophisticated system to handle incoming calls.

In this article

Choosing your call flow
Setting up receptionists
Setting up busy and out of hours behaviour for small organisations
Setting up call centres to queue calls
Setting up an auto-attendant to answer calls

Choose your call flow

Before you start setting up your call flow, it's a good idea to take a look at some examples. The examples show typical call flows for small, medium and large organisations. You can choose which elements make up your call flow.

Read about choosing your call flow

Set up one or more receptionists

Receptionists are a special type of user. Administrators can add and modify users.

Set up busy, unavailable and out of hours behaviour

Busy or unavailable greeting message

Administrators can add and modify greetings messages for all users and set up default messages for a site. Users can add and modify greeting messages for themselves.

Forward calls when busy or out of hours

Administrators can set up call forwarding options.

Optional - forward selected calls

Set up call centres

Administrators can set up and modify call centres.

Set up an auto-attendant

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