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Searching for a contact

You can search for contacts in a specific directory or in all directories. You can create a new directory for the search results so you can narrow down your search.

Searching is not case sensitive.

Search results display in the tab where the search was performed. If you hide a directory containing search results, the next time you display that directory, it lists all the contacts, not the previous search results.

Quick search

You can search on a column for entries that start with a specific character. You can only do a quick search on columns that can be used to order the directory.

To do a quick search:

  1. In Contacts, select the tab you want to search.
  2. Select the name of the column you want to search, for example Last name. This will reorder the column as well.
  3. Select the Quick Search box.
  4. On the keypad, select a letter or digit.

Regular search

A regular search searches in a selected directory, or in all directories if you select the Search tab. When you search for contacts in a selected directory, you can search on one column or on all columns. A search on all directories includes all columns except Notes.

To do a regular search

  1. Select the tab for the directory you want to search or the Search tab to search all directories.
  2. Enter the text you want to search for.

    You can enter partial information, such as part of a name or phone number, but you must enter at least two characters.

  3. To restrict the search to entries that start with the entered string, select the Begins with box.
  4. If you’re searching a single directory you can select the column you want to search from the list.
  5. Select Search .

To create a new directory from search results

When you search on a single column, you can create a new directory from the search results. You can then perform a new search to narrow down the search results.

  1. Select the tab for the directory you want to search.
  2. Search on a single column.
  3. Select Create search results tab. A new tab is created containing the results of the search. The name of the tab is the name of the directory followed by the search string, for example Favourites: Jones.

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