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Vodafone One Net Mobile

Adopting the full range of One Net Business services is a big step for your business. Even if you've already decided to take it, your current technical solutions and ongoing contracts might still hold you back.

To make the transition as smooth as possible, we designed the One Net Mobile and One Net Office solutions.

One Net Mobile allows you to benefit from the key One Net Business features, while leaving your current fixed line setup intact.

On the one hand, it's a perfect solution for businesses that need to stay with their current on-premise telephone networks but want to explore the One Net Business mobile potential. On the other hand, it's an easy way to start moving your business communications to the cloud, one step at a time.

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One Net app

One Net Mobile Client

Discover One Net Mobile Client, a website portal that gives you the freedom to manage your One Net Mobile devices remotely from any location.

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One Net Feature Management Portal

Easily manage your organisation's One Net service through a self-care web portal you can access from anywhere you want.

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One Net Mobile features

Bring the best of the One Net Mobile features straight to your mobile phone. Set up your hunt groups, auto-attendants, closed hours, call forwarding, extension dialling and many more, while still using your current mobile network.

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Standard call

Upgrade when you're ready

Take your time and prepare for upgrading to the full One Net Business package at your own pace. You can keep your current fixed line solution for as long as you wish, while using One Net Business on your mobile. Once you're ready for the transition, taking the next step will be even easier than it seems now.

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Interested in One Net Mobile?

Learn about One Net Mobile features.

One Net Mobile features

Need help using One Net Mobile?

Read our help articles and FAQs.

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This site is for Vodafone One Net customers. If you need help with your Vodafone mobile service, visit the Vodafone Support Centre.

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