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Vodafone One Net Office


Choosing the right hardware for One Net Office enables you to access all the features and apps that the system offers.

When you first talk to us about One Net Office, we’ll ask you to tell us about the devices you currently use. And, where necessary, we’ll advise on which combination of our recommended devices meets your needs.

You might need advanced desk phones to make the best use of some of our collaboration features. Whatever your needs, we have the devices and the expertise to put a bespoke business communications system together for you.

Read more about our range of devices here >

Let's talk about One Net

1-9 employees

0808 060 0802

10-49 employees

0808 004 4495

50-249 employees

0808 005 7404

250+ employees

0808 099 8877

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This site is for Vodafone One Net customers. If you need help with your Vodafone mobile service, visit the Vodafone Support Centre.

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