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One Net Office onboarding journey

After Vodafone receives your organisation's signed purchase order, your delivery coordinator will contact you to arrange the whole One Net Office installation and configuration procedure. We will collect all the technical data needed for the technical implementation of One Net Office and check if your network infrastructure is ready.

The onboarding process includes a number of steps. Read these articles to learn more about each of them:

Step 1 - Introductory call

Your delivery coordinator calls you to explain the whole One Net Office onboarding process. You will find out what the next steps are and how you can help make your company's transfer to One Net Office as smooth as possible.

Learn more >

Step 2 - Feasibility

Our engineer visits your site to check your current infrastructure. We need to know if any modifications and additional work are required to install the One Net equipment successfully.

Learn more >

Step 3 - Service preparation

When all the milestones are confirmed, we start preparing the One Net Office service for you.

Learn more >

Step 4- Going live

On the agreed day, our engineer visits your site to install and configure your One Net Office equipment as specified in the design.

Learn more >

Step 5 - Welcome to One Net

To make sure your transfer to One Net Office is as smooth as possible, your delivery coordinator will continue looking after you for a whole week after the installation and configuration phase is complete.

Learn more >

To make sure everything moves as quickly and smoothly as possible, you need to provide us with the following information:

  • Your full site address
  • Your main company phone number
  • Your registered address or your billing address
  • Your Company Registration Number
  • Your liability insurance details (sole traders only)
  • Your direct debit details
  • The landline numbers you want to include in your One Net Office service.


    Broadband, Redcare, alarm and payment terminal services

    If you want to keep your broadband, Redcare, alarm or payment terminal (also known as PDQ) services, you need to transfer them before the porting request is completed.

  • All the details we need to port your landline to One Net Office.


    Current communications provider details

    You need to contact your current communications provider to get all the required landline (for example, porting authorisation codes and unlock codes) that will help us with your transfer to One Net Office.

Download the Porting Letter of Authority template (PDF) >

Download the form for your current communications provider (PDF) >

You can also use our checklist to help you on your One Net Office onboarding journey.

Download the One Net Office onboarding checklist (PDF) >

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This site is for Vodafone One Net customers. If you need help with your Vodafone mobile service, visit the Vodafone Support Centre.

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