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Step 1 - Introductory call

Your delivery coordinator calls you to explain the One Net Business onboarding process. You will find out what the next steps are and how you can help make your company's transfer to One Net Business as smooth as possible.

Your delivery coordinator will also present you with the timescales and schedule for:

  • The delivery date for your One Net router
  • An appointment for Openreach to install the One Net access line
  • A date when our engineer will survey your premises

Personal service

Feel free to contact your delivery coordinator with any questions you may have. Onboarding is a complex process that requires some time (40 working days on average) but your delivery coordinator will provide you with all the updates at every stage.

At this stage, your delivery coordinator needs the following from you (if it has not been supplied already):

  • A completed user details form
  • Contact information for any of your colleagues we may need to speak to or work with
  • A chosen PIN or password for your account
  • A list of all people authorised to use your account
  • Any dates or timescales we need to be aware of
  • Any additional information we need to know, for example, your opening hours, site access or parking restrictions
  • A completed Porting Letter of Authority template.

    This document is an Ofcom requirement without which we cannot port any of your landline numbers.

    Download the Porting Letter of Authority template >

  • A completed form with information from your current communications provider.

    This will help you and us gain the information we need to ensure your landline port requests are accepted by your existing provider.

    Download the form for your current communications provider >

Key dates

As you progress through the onboarding journey, your delivery coordinator will confirm the following key dates:

  • Site survey date

    Our engineer visits your site to see if it meets the requirements for One Net Business.

  • Router delivery date

    Your One Net router arrives.

  • Access line install date

    We install the access line that will carry your voice traffic.

  • Mobile migration date

    Your mobiles move to One Net Business.

  • Call routing document review date

    You agree with us what kind of call flow you want to have.

  • Equipment delivery date

    Your desk phones and remaining equipment are delivered.

  • Going live date

    Our engineer installs your One Net Business solution and your landline numbers port over to us.

    Going live typically takes place 35 working days after the first contact with your delivery coordinator.

    Note that this date can move forwards and backwards, based on the onboarding journey progress.

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This site is for Vodafone One Net customers. If you need help with your Vodafone mobile service, visit the Vodafone Support Centre.

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