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Step 1 - Introductory call

Your delivery coordinator calls you to explain the One Net Mobile onboarding process. You will find out what the next steps are and how you can help make your company's transfer to One Net Mobile as smooth as possible.

At this stage, your delivery coordinator needs the following from you:

  • Your company name and address
  • A completed user details form
  • Contact information for any of your colleagues we may need to speak to or work with
  • A chosen PIN or password for your account
  • A list of all people authorised to use your account
  • Any dates or timescales we need to be aware of

Your delivery coordinator will also present you with the timescales and schedule the date of your migration to One Net. When agreeing on a migration day, your delivery coordinator must consider the following:

  • Do you have all the necessary details from your current mobile communications provider?
  • Is the Port Authorisation Code (PAC) needed?
  • Do handsets need to be ordered or unlocked?
  • What is the most convenient business day for your migration?

A suitable date for migration

On the day arranged for your mobiles to move to One Net Mobile, please ensure the following:

  • All mobiles are present in the UK.
  • All mobiles are connected to the UK network in an area of good reception coverage.
  • No critical business meetings or events are taking place, as some downtime on mobile data services is possible.
  • You can wait up to 24 hours for the network to update after a SIM swap.
  • You can wait up to 24 hours for mobile numbers porting to One Net from your current communications provider.

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This site is for Vodafone One Net customers. If you need help with your Vodafone mobile service, visit the Vodafone Support Centre.

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