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Setting up call flow


Information for administrators

What is a call flow?

A call flow is how calls from your customers reach your people. The very simplest flow is just a phone call - the customer calls and you answer. If your organisation is just you, this is all you need, but if you have more customers and more people you might want a more sophisticated system to handle incoming calls.

One Net offers four typical call flows (ringing patterns) for your hunt groups.

Read more about hunt groups >

Choose your call flow

Before you start setting up your call flow, it's a good idea to think about the needs of your organisation and choose the most effective solution.

Read about choosing your call flow >

When creating a hunt group, you can select the most suitable ringing pattern.

  1. Select Management > Company Features.
  2. In the Hunt Groups section, select View all.
  3. Select Create group.
  4. In the Settings section, for Status, select On.
  5. Enter a name, an ID and select a company number for the hunt group.

    Select a number that isn't assigned to another hunt group or an auto-attendant.

  6. In the Incoming calls identification section, from the Distinctive Ringing list, select a ringtone for the hunt group.

    Read about distinctive ringing >

  7. In the Hunt teams section, add hunt teams that will answer calls and select a ringing pattern for each team.

    Read about ringing patterns >

  8. In the Final action section, select what will happen if the calls aren't answered by the hunt group.
  9. In the Summary section, review the settings you've selected and select Create group.

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Set up busy and out of hours behaviour

Busy or unavailable announcements

Administrators can add announcements for all users and set up default announcements for the company. Announcements are stored in the announcements library.

Read about the announcements library >

Closed hours settings

Administrators can set up options for closed hours.

Read about managing closed hours settings >

Set up an auto-attendant

An auto-attendant is an automated receptionist that answers calls with an announcement and a menu of dialling options. It transfers calls according to the options the callers select.

Read more about auto-attendants >

Read about managing auto-attendants >

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