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Step 5 - Welcome to One Net

To make sure your transfer to One Net Business is as smooth as possible, your delivery coordinator will continue looking after you for a whole week after the installation and configuration phase is complete. Your delivery coordinator oversees any issues you may find during this initial week.

One Net Business training

Before the scheduled going live date, our training team contacts you to arrange a suitable date and time for our trainer to visit your site. Our trainer will deliver a training session on your One Net Business service.

The training will be booked for a full day. It can begin at a time that suits you and finish once you feel everything has been covered to a satisfactory level. Make sure all users are available, or at least an appointed person who can pass on the information to required people at a later date.

Our trainer will note down any issues identified during your One Net Business training:

  • For simple issues that can be fixed on the training day, our trainer will show you how to deal with them using One Net Feature Management Portal.
  • For more complex issues that can be fixed on the training day, your delivery coordinator will address them in cooperation with the trainer.
  • For issues that can't be fixed on the training day, your delivery coordinator will address them as soon as possible.

One Net Feature Management Portal

You can configure most of the settings on your own using One Net Feature Management Portal.

Learn more about One Net Feature Management Portal >

One Net Welcome Team

During your first month of using One Net Business, you will be in the care of our One Net Welcome Team. They will provide an additional level of care as you get used to your new system. They will walk you through your first bill as it may look slightly different to your regular monthly charge.

Vodafone customer care

When calling Vodafone customer care, please have your account or phone number ready and the system will direct you to the correct department.

You will also receive a link to our customer satisfaction survey in which we ask about your whole One Net delivery. Fill out the survey honestly to help us improve and deliver the best possible experience to our customers.

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This site is for Vodafone One Net customers. If you need help with your Vodafone mobile service, visit the Vodafone Support Centre.

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