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Managing your contacts

Contacts allows you to search, manage, call and chat to your contacts, and view their availability for chats and calls.

See an overview of your contacts list
Adding a contact from Microsoft Outlook

Overview of contacts

Part of contacts list


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  • Organise your contacts
  • Configure what you see in Contacts
  • List your contacts by first name or last name


Enter part or all of a name in the Search box and press the Enter key. Use the All phone books list to filter the search.


Lists all the contacts in your organisation.


Lists commonly used contacts. This list is configured by your administrator.


Lists your personal contacts. You can add, edit, delete and call your personal contacts.


Lists the agents assigned to you. You can add agents to this list if they are subscribed to the same queues that you are.

Speed dial

Lists numbers that you can speed dial. You can add speed dial numbers, and you may have a list configured by your administrator.

Your speed dial numbers are available in all your Vodafone One Net Business products.


Lists the central numbers for all the queues you are subscribed to.


Lists contacts that you are friends with. You can see your friends' availability for chat. To be friends with a contact you must send or receive a friend request. When you add a friend in One Net Call Centre, they are added to your friends list in other One Net Business applications.

Phone books

Lists all your contacts.

To add a caller to your Microsoft Outlook contacts list

If Microsoft Outlook is open, you can save the contact details of a caller to your Outlook contacts list during a call.

  1. From the call notification at the bottom of the screen, select save contact icon.
  2. Follow the prompts in Outlook to save the contact.

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