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Managing calls in One Net Call Centre


To make and receive calls, you must be logged in to your desk phone.

Call console

Incoming and outgoing calls appear in Call console. You can handle your calls and activate and deactivate call settings in Call console.

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Conference calls

You can have conference calls with three or more people.

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Transferring and escalating calls

You can transfer calls to your colleagues and to external numbers.

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Viewing information about calls

You can choose to get a notification at the bottom of the screen when you receive a call. During a call you can open a webpage that shows information about the call. You can also choose to always open a webpage.

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Forwarding and diverting calls

If you are busy or working remotely, you can forward your calls to another number or divert them to voicemail.

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Malicious calls

If you get a malicious call, you can ask Vodafone to trace the call for you.

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Managing agents' calls

Supervisors can manage their own calls, and the calls of the agents that are assigned to them.

Read about managing agents' calls >

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