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Blocking all incoming calls

If you don't want to be disturbed, you can block all calls coming to your number. All your incoming calls are then treated as if you're already on a call. Depending on the options you've set up for handling busy calls, your calls can be forwarded to another number or to your voicemail. Your callers hear the 'busy' greeting message.

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If you block incoming calls in One Net Manager, your calls won't ring on any of your devices, including your One Net Business desk and mobile phones and One Net Anywhere phones.

If you want to be reminded when blocking is active, you have the option to hear a brief ring each time the system blocks a call.

To block all calls

  1. Select Anrufdienste > Bitte nicht stören > Ein.
  2. Select Klingelzeichen abspielen, wenn ein Anruf blockiert wird if you want to hear a brief ring tone and see details of the caller on your desk phone each time your phone blocks a call.


    Desk phones only

    The ring reminder only works on desk phones.

You can also block calls using feature access code *78.

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