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Forwarding calls

There are a number of situations when you may want to forward incoming calls to another number or to voicemail.

You can set up call forwarding for the following situations:



Forward all calls

Forwards any call to another number

Forward when busy

Forwards calls to another number when you're busy on a call or if you have activated another service that blocks incoming calls, for example, do not disturb

Forward when unanswered

Forwards calls to another number if you don't answer before the number of rings that you set as the limit

Forward when unreachable

Forwards calls to another number if technical problems prevent One Net Business from connecting a call to your phone

Forward selected calls

Forwards calls to another number if a call meets the criteria you have specified in one or more rules


If you are assigned to a hunt group or call centre, your personal settings for forwarding calls (including forwarding to voicemail) are not taken into account for incoming calls distributed by this hunt group or call centre.

In such case, you can use One Net Anywhere or One Net Mobility for forwarding calls instead.

You can also forward calls to voicemail all the time, when you're busy or when you're unable to answer the phone. If you set up call forwarding to both another number and to voicemail for the same situation, for example when your phone is busy, it will be forwarded to the phone number rather than voicemail.

Read about sending calls to voicemail >

You can also use feature access codes to forward calls in all One Net Business applications and on all devices.

Read about using feature access codes to forward calls >


Ring reminder

When you select to forward all calls or forward selected calls, you can activate ring reminder. Ring reminder rings one tone and displays details of the caller on your desk phone each time your phone forwards a call to remind you that the forwarding service is active.

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