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Managing calls

You can use One Net Manager to set up how you want to manage your calls.

Forwarding calls

You can select the conditions for when you want your calls to be forwarded to another number or to voicemail.

Read about call forwarding options >

Accepting and rejecting selected calls

You can choose whether to accept or reject specific calls based on dates and times and the number calling.

Read about accepting or rejecting selected calls >

Blocking incoming calls

If you don't want to be disturbed, you can block all incoming calls.

Read about blocking all incoming calls >

Rejecting anonymous calls

You can reject calls if the caller is withholding their caller ID.

Read about rejecting anonymous calls >

Priority calls

You can choose to hear a distinctive ringtone when you receive a call from anyone you want to treat as a priority caller, such as an important customer or your manager.

Read about assigning a distinctive ringtone to priority callers >

Receiving email notifications of calls

You can receive email notifications of your calls. This means you have a record of the calls you've received and can see if you've missed any important calls.

Read about receiving email notifications of calls >

Setting options for call transfers

You can set up how you want the call transfer service to work.

Read about the options for call transfers >

Setting options for picking up or joining calls

You can choose to hear a warning tone when another member of your pickup call group joins your call.

Read about the warning tone for pick up or join call >

On-hold music and video

You can choose whether to have music or messages played to your callers if you put them on hold.

Read about on-hold music and video >

Checking forwarding site calls

Your administrator can set up the forwarding site calls service so that all your calls are transferred to a different phone number, for example at night or during weekends. You can check whether this service is activated.

Read about checking forwarding site calls >

Using location dialling codes

You can use location dialling codes to call users on different sites.

Read about using location dialling codes >

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