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Call services

When you start using One Net Business, you are assigned a set of call services.

Viewing call services

You can view all the call services that are available to you.

To view call services

  • Select Anrufdienste.

Activating call services

You can activate and configure your services from the Anrufdienste page. For services with configurable options, you must select Bearbeiten and enter the settings in a separate window before you can activate the service.

To activate a call service

  1. Select Anrufdienste.
  2. Select Aus to activate a service.

If a service isn't listed on the Anrufdienste page in One Net Manager, it means you don't have that service assigned to you. Speak to your administrator if you need any services that you don't have assigned.

Changing the settings for your call services


Certain settings are only visible when a feature is turned on.

You can configure your services from the Anrufdienste page. Your settings can include rules that govern when and how the service behaves in specific situations.

You must select Speichern on the Anrufdienste page to make sure all your changes are saved.

Read about creating rules >

Using feature access codes

You can use feature access codes to activate or deactivate services. For some services, you can also use feature access codes to check whether the service is currently active.

Read about feature access codes >

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