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Receiving call notifications by email

You can choose to receive email notifications of your incoming calls, so you have a record of your calls and can see if you have missed any important calls. The email will contain the caller's identification (caller ID) information, such as name and number, depending on what data is available and the options you've set up for receiving caller information.

An extension for an external number has its own caller ID, which is displayed during calls instead of the person's external caller ID.

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Image showing email notification of calls

You can set up rules to define when call notification is activated and what types of call should trigger a call notification. At least one rule must be active for call notification to operate.

Learn more about using rules for activating services >

To set up call notifications

  1. Select Anrufdienste > Anruf-Benachrichtigungen per E-Mail empfangen > Bearbeiten.
  2. Enter the email address you want notifications sent to.
  3. Select Regel hinzufügen ... to enter the criteria for when call notification is active.

To stop call notifications

  1. Select Anrufdienste > Anruf-Benachrichtigungen per E-Mail empfangen > Deaktivieren.

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