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On-hold music and video

About on-hold music and video

You can improve your callers' experience by playing music or messages if you have to place them on hold. You can play background music so callers are not left in silence, or use the opportunity to deliver informative or promotional messages. Using the announcement repository, you can set up your own music or messages to play to callers instead of the default on-hold music.

Using video

If you also have the on-hold video service, you can select a video file to play to on-hold callers. This is used if the caller's device is capable of playing video. If not, the default on-hold music is played.


Video can only be used on calls with other One Net Business users.

Recording and adding messages

You can record your own on-hold messages directly in One Net Manager, using your announcement repository. You can also upload external WAV or WMA files there.

Contact your administrator if you need any help recording a message or uploading a file.

Read more about the announcement repository >

Setting up on-hold music and video

Your administrator configures the on-hold music service for your site. You can use this service or turn it off.

To switch on or off the on-hold music and video

  1. Select Anrufdienste.
  2. Set Wartemusik to Ein.

If you have the on-hold music user service, you can choose your own media files instead of the ones selected for the site. If you also have the on-hold video user service, the media files can be audio or video.


Music rights

Before uploading music, make sure you have the rights to play it to your customers.

To personalise your on-hold music and video settings

  1. In Anrufdienste > Wartemusik, select Bearbeiten.
  2. If you want to play a personalised message, select Benutzerdefiniert and select a file.
  3. If you want to play a different message to internal callers, select Alternative Wartemusik verwenden.
  4. If you want to play a personalised message, select Benutzerdefiniert and select a file.

Turning off on-hold music during a call

You can turn off on-hold music for your current call by using feature access code *60.

Read about using feature access codes >

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