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Call centre supervisor settings

About call centres

In One Net Business, a call centre is a queue that administrators create in One Net Manager. Your organisation might, for example, have a queue for sales calls and a queue for technical support calls. A call centre has one or more phone numbers that customers can call. When customers call one of these numbers, their call is placed in the queue. Calls are presented to agents in the order in which they arrived.

About supervisors

A supervisor is someone who manages agents and makes sure that a call centre is running smoothly by monitoring and managing calls and performance. Supervisors don't receive automatically distributed calls, but can answer calls directly from queues and receive calls that agents escalate to them.

Supervisors can select agents to manage in One Net Manager.

Assigning agents to supervise

To add or remove the agents you supervise

  1. Select Anrufdienste > One Net Call Center Supervisor > Anzeigen.

    Any call centres for which you're a supervisor are listed.

  2. Select Bearbeiten for the call centre you want to change.
  3. To add agents to supervise, select the agents in Verfügbare Agenten and move them to Überwachte Agenten.


    To remove supervised agents, select the agents in Überwachte Agenten and move them to Verfügbare Agenten.

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