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Creating reports

As a supervisor, you can export detailed data from the last six months on agent productivity for further analysis and reporting. You can generate reports for specified time periods. You can also filter by particular queues or agents.

To create a report

  1. In One Net Feature Management Portal, select Management > Call Centre.
  2. In the Agents Productivity Report section, select View all.
  3. Select the start and end date for the desired time period.
  4. In Filter by Select queues, select Select Target to choose one or more queues.
  5. In Filter by Select agents, select Select Target to choose one or more agents.
  6. Select Export.

    An XLSX file downloads.


    If you do not select any queues or agents, the report will contain data on all the queues and agents that you supervise.

The generated XLSX file has two sheets:

  • Queues sheet organises data by queue.
  • Agents sheet organises data by agent.

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