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Setting up One Net E-fax

One Net E-fax is a web application that lets you send and receive faxes without using a fax machine.

With the One Net E-fax print driver, you can also send documents to fax numbers from applications like Microsoft® Word® and Excel®.

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Setting up One Net E-fax for a user

Administrators need to set up One Net E-fax for individual users.

To set up One Net E-fax for a user

For administrators only

  1. If you're an enterprise administrator, select the required site.
  2. Select Benutzer einrichten.
  3. Select Bearbeiten for the user you want to activate One Net E-fax for.
  4. In Erweiterte Optionen, select Zusätzliche Optionen auswählen.
  5. Select the One Net E-fax licence and select Übernehmen.
  6. Select an available fax number and save the changes.

    The user can now log in to One Net E-fax with their One Net Business login credentials.


Ignore the error message

If you see an error message while editing a user with the One Net E-fax licence, ignore it - your settings have been successfully saved.

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