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Forwarding site calls

About forwarding site calls

An administrator can use the forwarding site calls service to forward calls for some or all users at a site to a different phone number at certain times, for example out of business hours.

When an administrator activates this service, all calls to all users at the site are forwarded to a specific phone number, for example to an auto-attendant or a voice mailbox. The administrator can activate or deactivate the service manually or can set up a rule to activate the service automatically during specific periods, such as overnight or during holidays.


Hunt group restrictions

Forwarding site calls doesn't work with hunt groups.

Read about forwarding selected calls for a hunt group >

Overriding site-wide settings

An administrator can override the site-wide settings for individual users. For example, the administrator might forward all site calls overnight. This situation would cause a problem if overnight calls to a particular individual need to be forwarded to a different number. In this case, the administrator could deactivate forwarding site calls for that user. Then they could use a user-level option, such as forward selected calls, to forward the user's calls to the correct number.

Read about overriding forwarding site calls for a user >

Interaction with other services

Forwarding site calls generally takes precedence over any forwarding or blocking settings made by a user. However, the following user services all take precedence over forward site calls:

  • Accept selected calls
  • Reject selected calls
  • Reject anonymous calls

Activating forwarding site calls

If you want to activate forwarding site calls during specific periods, such as overnight or during holidays, you must first set up schedules for those periods.

Read about creating schedules >

To activate site call forwarding

For administrators only

  1. If you're an enterprise administrator, select the required site.
  2. Select Standortdienste > Standortdienste > Standortanrufe umleiten – Nachtschaltung.
  3. From the Dienst ist aktiv options, select Ein or Zeitbasiert.
  4. If you selected Zeitbasiert, select a time schedule for business hours. You can also select a holiday schedule.

    Calls are forwarded outside of business hours and during holidays.

  5. Enter the phone number you want the calls to be forwarded to.

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