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Location dialling codes


Information for enterprise administrators

About location dialling codes

Enterprise administrators set up location dialling codes to identify sites. If your organisation has many users and several sites, you may want to set up a location dialling code for each site.

Using location code within the enterprise

Users can use location dialling codes to call people on different sites.


Dialling numbers without the area code can cause unexpected behaviour

If you dial a number that starts with a location dialling code, the system looks for a corresponding extension in that location. This can cause unexpected behaviour while dialling numbers without the area code.

To avoid this, you can configure a dial plan for external calls.

Read more about using location dialling codes >

Setting location dialling codes

To set a location dialling code for a site

For administrators only

  1. From the Standort list, select the required site.
  2. Select Standortprofil > Standort-Informationen > Standort-Wählplan.
  3. Enter a location dialling code for the site.

    The code can be up to three digits long.

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