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Working as an administrator

About One Net Business administration

One Net Business provides two levels of administration: enterprise and site. An enterprise administrator oversees the whole organisation and can manage the users and services at any of the sites. A site administrator manages the users and services for their site. Sites can be divided into smaller departments to make them easier to manage. Both enterprise and site administrators can manage departments.

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Scope of administrator roles

A site administrator manages the users and services for their site, an enterprise administrator can manage the users and services for any site. Administrators can set up and change a user's services by switching to the user view in One Net Manager.

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Managing users

During the initial setup of One Net Business for your organisation, Vodafone creates user accounts for all the people in your organisation and assigns each user to a site. Once the service is in operation, an administrator manages the users, and can add and delete users as people join and leave the organisation.

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An administrator can help users set up their One Net Business services. Some user services can only be set up by an administrator.

Managing site services

An administrator can set up and manage site services such as on-hold music, auto-attendants and hunt groups.

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