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Bring Your Own LAN

Use your current LAN (local area network) solution to set up One Net Business with the BYOL service.

How does it work?

When using BYOL, you don't need to install any additional switches. Using the technical prerequisites information (in the Resources box at the top-right of this article), you can check if your current LAN infrastructure is compatible with One Net Business. You can make any necessary changes to your infrastructure, if required.

Then our engineers complete the installation of the One Net Business service. The installation procedure depends on the deployment method that you chose.

  • In the standard deployment, the engineer installs new Vodafone switches and IP phones, and then connects these devices to the One Net router.
  • In the BYOL deployment, the engineer installs the One Net phones over your own LAN switches. WAN is provided through the One Net router.

What do I need?

For the BYOL deployment, we perform the installation during two visits at your site:

  1. During the first visit, we check if your site is ready for BYOL.
  2. During the second visit, our installation engineer meets your IT representative to connect our equipment with your current LAN or WAN hardware and make sure that the setup is stable.

To order the BYOL service, you must meet the BYOL technical prerequisites.


Vodafone is not responsible for configuring or supporting your own network, including all devices on the network, such as routers or switches. Vodafone will only support the data router where a dedicated Vodafone WAN is provided.

What do I do when the One Net Business support team contacts me?

When the One Net Business support team contacts you, you will need to:

  • Make sure that you meet all the BYOL technical prerequisites.
  • Plug the phone directly to the One Net Business router. Use the power supply we provided.
  • Produce a trace from your LAN network (for example, a Wireshark trace) if the One Net Business support team wants to check an issue.
  • Share the configuration for LAN ports connected to the One Net Business router or phone.

Learn more about BYOL onboarding >

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