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About LAN and WAN switches


The devices' availability depends on your solution

Desk phones, conference phones and a range of hardware products are available in One Net Business and One Net Office.

LAN switches

LAN switches connect your One Net phones, computers, fax machines and printers in a secure network so that you can access shared resources in an efficient and reliable way.

All One Net LAN switches are managed switches. Managed switches give you control over how data travels over the network. They also allow you to configure, manage and remotely monitor your network.

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WAN routers

WAN router connects your One Net services to the Internet.

You can connect your LAN solutions, including XDSL, Ethernet, Ethernet Voice and Ethernet Data, to the WAN router.

The WAN router has a default One Net configuration that ensures an optimal service experience.

Read about the CiscoISR 1117-4P router >

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