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Cisco attendant consoles


The devices' availability depends on your solution

Desk phones, conference phones and a range of hardware products are available in One Net Business and One Net Office.

What are the Cisco attendant consoles?

The Cisco attendant consoles are devices that you can attach to your Cisco desk phone to provide a quick and easy way to contact people in your organisation. An attendant console is also known as a Busy Lamp Field (BLF).

When the buttons on the console are programmed with your required contacts, you can see at a glance whether a colleague is available to take a call. You can make or transfer a call to them at the push of a button.

You can also program the buttons as speed dials for both internal and external contacts. Speed dial buttons don't show your contacts' availability, but you can make or transfer a call to them at the push of a button. You can also program speed dials for phone shortcuts.

You can attach two attendant consoles of the same type to your Cisco desk phone. For technical information and details on how to attach a Cisco attendant console, see the manufacturer's data sheet. There are links in the Resources box at the top-right of this article.

How do I program my Cisco attendant console?

When your attendant console is attached to your Cisco desk phone, an administrator can program the buttons with your required contacts in One Net Feature Management Portal.

A button can be programmed as:

  • A Busy Lamp Field (BLF) for a One Net contact, which shows the status of the contact's phone and acts as a speed dial for that contact
  • A speed dial for an internal or external contact, or a phone shortcut

Is a colleague available to take a call?

If a colleague has more than one One Net phone, you can set up a BLF key for each of their devices. That way you can be sure they're not on a call on any of their devices before you call them.

Read about configuring a phone in One Net Feature Management Portal >

Using a Cisco attendant console

When an administrator has configured your attendant console, the buttons light up. If you are using a Cisco SPA500DS or Cisco 8800, the names of your contacts appear on the console screen.

Busy Lamp Field contact

If a button is programmed as a BLF, its colour shows the status of the contact's desk phone. You can press the button to make or transfer a call to the contact.


Cisco SPA500DS and Cisco SPA500S

Cisco 8800



The line is available

Green button

The contact is available

You are using the line, you have a call on hold, or a call being transferred

Red button

The contact is busy or has activated do not disturb

Someone else is using the line or has a call on hold on a shared line

Orange button

There is a problem with the programming for this button. Contact your administrator for advice.

The line is ringing

Speed dial contact

If the button is programmed as a speed dial, it shows as green. You can press the button to make or transfer a call to the contact.

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